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Student Medical Aid


Medical aid is expensive but students have options for affordable cover. Several medical schemes offer low income medical aid plans that can suit the needs and budget of a student. Whether you are registered at a local university or attending a FET college, student medical aid ensures that you have access to private healthcare within South Africa.


Cover for doctor’s visits, acute medication and other out-of-hospital medical expenses.


Treatment, monitoring and ongoing management of chronic diseases.


Cover for hospital stay as well as in-hospital consultations, medication, tests and surgery. is a marketing channel that connects South African students with medical schemes in South Africa. We work with leading schemes to ensure that the cover is affordable while still providing the benefits that you need.




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South Africa

Local Students

Medical aid is not mandatory for South Africans. You do not need to have medical aid cover but most South Africans prefer private healthcare services. Unfortunately these services can be expensive. Medical aid is the only way to fund your consultations with a private doctor or stay in a private hospitals.

If you are a registered university student without cover then a student medical aid plan may be the way to go. If you are still on our parent’s medical aid then you will need to be aware that the cost will be higher as an adult dependent. A student medical aid plan will allow you to be on your own cover at a far lower rate.


Foreign Students

International students at South African tertiary institutions are required to have medical aid cover. It is a requirement for a student visa according to the Immigration Act of 2002. Failure to comply can cost you the right to study in South Africa even if you have the financial resources to pay for your own healthcare.

It is important to understand the difference between a student medical aid and other types of cover in South Africa. Hospital insurance and medical insurance are not the same type of cover as medical aid. These other cheaper products do not offer the same benefits and will not be suitable for the visa requirements to study in South Africa.

Medical Aid is Essential

Private healthcare in South Africa is not cheap. Even by international standards, the cost of staying at a private hospital and associated the medical care can deplete any budget. It can run into the hundreds of thousands of rands.

Student medical aid starts from less than R 500.00 per month

Most private hospitals in South Africa will not admit you unless you have medical aid or can pay for your care upfront. 


About Us is an online channel that assists students in South Africa with making informed choices about medical cover. We work with medical schemes to ensure that students are receiving the best options at affordable rates. There are many different types of medical cover in South Africa and we understand that it can be confusing. Our website provides unbiased information to assist you in making the right decision for your budget and healthcare needs.

Please note that hospital insurance and medical insurance are NOT medical aid.

The website cannot assist with claims, authorisations or medical scheme complaints. We urge our website users to discuss any grievances directly with their medical scheme or a registered medical aid broker. Medical schemes are regulated by the Council of Medical Schemes and complaints may be forwarded to the Council for further investigation.